El Placer

El Placer is a small biological vineyard of 0.5 hectare with blue Rondo and Regent grapes. The vineyard, situated in Flevoland, produces a couple of hundred bottles of appealing red and rosé wines a year. The wines are produced completely pesticide free and also without sulfur and copper (often used in biological vineyards). The winegrower Johan achieves this by applying undergrowth so that the soil life is diverse and beneficial insects get plenty of opportunity. In addition, he sprays compost extract on the soil and on the plants, with which they introduce such a diversity of fungal species that no fungus, such as mildew or downy mildew, can really get the upper hand. What is more, the vineyard does not produce garbage, everything is re-used for a circular vineyard.

Since 2016, Johan and his team also have another vineyard close by, called ‘De Wilde Wijngaard’, where he produces surprising white wines.

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